Minneapolis Siding

There are different types of siding that we work with so that your home or business can look the way you want it to look. The three common forms of siding are vinyl, aluminum, and steel. These types have been around for a very long time, so there are many homes covered in these siding types.

Types Of Siding

Each type of siding has its own set of qualities that makes it unique. It is these qualities that help a person decide what type they want. Here is a breakdown of the different types you can choose from our Minnesota siding installation service:

  • Vinyl siding – Vinyl is the most common type of siding used today. It is very durable and will only dent or break if the impact of an object is extra hard. It does take a lot to compromise vinyl siding and it looks great. There are many colors to choose from, allowing homeowners the opportunity to make their home look quite unique.
  • Aluminum and steel – You will find aluminum and steel siding manufactured in lap styles, but there are some embossed surface patterns that are available so that you can achieve a unique look. While the words “metal siding” may make you think of siding that is a dull gray color, you may be surprised to know that metal also comes in different colors thanks to high performance coating.
  • Cement Fiber – This is siding that works well in humid weather. It looks just like hardboard siding and mimics wood, but has a much longer lifespan. The long lifespan, the ability to handle high humidity, and the durability is why more homeowners are choosing this option.
  • Environmentally friendly – We are always looking into environmentally friendly options. You can ask for something “green” and you may be surprised at what you are offered. For instance, most metal sidings have recycled metal within them.

As you can see, you have options. You can choose which siding is best for you and then choose from the many color options that are available. Also be sure to learn more about siding maintenance.

Protects Your Home

Any time damage is the reason why you are repairing or replacing your siding, it is best to have that repair or replacement done as soon as possible. The reason is because your siding protects your home or business. It allows water to roll off of it rather than access the boards of the home, weakening the structure. The longer you wait to have the repairs or replacement done, lots of damage can be done by rainwater. You can have temporary repairs completed until the real job is done so that this damage can be prevented. That is how important siding is to the structure. It is not just there to look nice.

Minneapolis Siding Contractors

When you need your siding repaired, replaced due to damage, or you just want to change the appearance of your home, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. We adhere to industry standards, but we also have our own set of high standards that we adhere to. To see how we can repair siding damage or completely change the look of your home by replacing your siding, schedule your schedule a free estimate by calling 612-532-2036 or completing our contact form.