Minneapolis Roofing Contractors

When driving around the Twin Cities, you may notice that there are a lot of roofing types that are used. You’ll notice traditional asphalt, metal, and a variety of others. At First Impressions Exteriors, we are an experienced Minneapolis roofing contractor that offers these common roofing materials and a number of others that include cedar shakes and shingles for their durability and more expensive appearance, as well as synthetic shakes. We also offer roofing that utilizes recycled polymers, fiberglass, sawdust, and vinyl.

We also offer metal roofing options. Metal comes in different colors so that you can easily coordinate the exterior of your home or business. In addition, metal lasts for years, there are different styles to choose from, and they are energy efficient.

In addition to roofing, we are also an experienced siding company offering a number of siding options so that you can have the look you want. But what is very important is the fact that siding protects the exterior walls of your home or business. Water is able to roll off rather than reach the boars used in the construction of the home. If the actual structure becomes wet, it can weaken over time.

In order to have this protection and look great, you can choose from the following siding types:

  • Vinyl siding – The most common type that is used today. It takes a very hard impact for it to dent or break, comes in different colors, and is affordable.
  • Aluminum and steel – Lap styles, embossed surface patters, and different colors are all options available with metal.
  • Cement fiber – This type looks like wood, but wood would not hold up quiet as well. Cement fiber is also known to stand up well to high humidity.
  • Environmentally friendly – There are a number of environmentally friendly options available, especially those metal sidings made of recycled metal.

In addition to taking care of your roof, your siding, gutters, windows, and other areas of your exterior, we can also remove the heavy snow pack from your roof after a major snowstorm. And if you have an issue with warm spots on your roof causing premature snow melt that then freezes in the form of ice dams at the edge of your roof, we can help you there as well. As a highly experienced Minneapolis snow & ice dam removal service, we ensure that the winter does not get the best of your roof. We can fix the issues causing ice dams and also prevent them through the installation of heat tapes

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