Ice Dam Removal

Minnesotans are not strangers to ice and snow. The state sees its fair share in the winter time. Homeowners and business owners see their fair share of ice dams and extreme depths of snow on their roofs. Lots of snow can compromise structures and when that snow begins to melt, ice dams become major issues.

Unfortunately, major issues can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Most individuals cannot afford such repairs and insurance companies may deny claims if the damage could have been prevented. Fortunately, prevention is affordable and readily available for when you need it. That way you do not have to worry about the integrity of the structure or fighting with an insurance company regarding snow storm damage.

Ice Dams

It is not unusual for the temperatures in Minnesota to drop well below freezing. This results in ice dams occurring within your gutters. An ice dam occurs when any water within your gutters freezes solid and this blocks the path of any runoff, causing that runoff to back up. It will then freeze and that means you will have a mess. The ice dam can be so thick that water from melting snow will take other routes to drain from your roof. This means that water damage can occur to areas of your home that you would think would never be damaged by water.

There are ways in which ice dams can be prevented, such as making sure your attic is properly ventilated. You may also wish to use heat tapes along the edge of your roof to keep the runoff from melting snow from freezing in your gutter. There are a number of other preventative measures that you can use based upon your particular situation and we can discuss those with you.

Snow Issues

When it snows a lot, the weight of the snow can cause roof collapse. It has happened in Minneapolis time and time again, which is why Minneapolis snow removal services are high in demand during the winter. Even though many of the homes and businesses in the outfitted with roofing that is made to handle heavy snow, sometimes there is a point in which it gets entirely too heavy.

We are able to bring the appropriate equipment to where you are so that we can safely take off the snow. It is a priority that we work in a way that is safe for you and your family and ultimately prevents roof collapse or heavy water runoff due to ice dams or other gutter clogs once the snow starts melting.

Minneapolis Ice Dam/Snow Removal

When the winter months are here and you are having issues with ice dams and snow on your roof, you need professionals to help rid you of these problems. We have the right tools and the experience to make sure any ice dams that develop are done away with and that snow is removed safely. To possibly save yourself thousands of dollars in potential roof and structural repairs, call us at 612-532-2036 or fill out our contact form so that we can take care of the problem before larger problems can occur.