Apple Valley Roofing Contractors

With the high potential of roof problems in Minnesota due to the weather, it is important to have a relationship with an Apple Valley roofing contractor who works fast and with precision.

We offer a variety of roofing and roof repair options, as well as ensuring you have a quality gutter system on your home or business so that the overall integrity of the structure is not compromised. All year round, there are weather events that cause damage to roofs and we are here to repair those issues, as well as provide you with a range of roofing options that include different shingle types (asphalt, cedar shakes, steel and synthetic shakes, and environmentally friendly types), as well as metal options. You can have roofing that is highly rated and can last for decades so that you receive a good return on your investment in a short period of time.

Apple Valley Siding Company

Your siding is another important aspect of your structure’s exteriors. Many homeowners opt for siding because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. It also comes in a variety of materials and colors. The material types include:

  • Vinyl – The most common, which is quite durable and will not dent or break unless an object impacts it at a high velocity. There are different colors available.
  • Cement fiber – This is ideal for humid weather and looks like wood, but its lifespan is much longer than wood siding would be. This is due to its ability to handle high humidity and it is highly durable.
  • Aluminum and steel – There are some surface patterns that help you acquire a unique look. There are also a number of colors that are available.
  • Environmentally friendly – There are a number of “green” options that are available, such as metal siding consisting of recycled metal. We are an Apple Valley siding company that is always on the lookout for more environmentally friendly options for our customers.

Apple Valley Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Ice and snow is not foreign to Minnesota, but many homeowners and business owners must employ the services of Apple Valley snow & ice dam removal to ensure there is no roof damage or that roof damage is minimal. Snow and ice is heavy and, while roofs in Minnesota are accustomed to such weights, there are some weights they are not accustomed to and they’re never prepared to handle the abuse inflicted by ice dams.

Removing snow when it is too heavy can prevent damage, as well as removing ice dams. However, it is important to find out why an ice dam has formed. Sometimes it is due to a poorly ventilated attic. Other times, heat tapes may be all that is needed at the edge of the roof to keep runoff from freezing in the gutter. Our snow & ice dam removal service can quickly remove these problems for you.

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When your roof or siding is damaged or when you need to have snow or ice dams removed from your roof, First Impressions Exteriors Inc. is able to help. Our highly skilled staff can do the job quickly and efficiently so that the integrity of your home or business is preserved. To schedule a free estimate, call us at 612-532-2036 or fill out the contact form on this page and someone from our office will call you back.