St Louis Park Roofing Contractors

Your roofing is vital to your home or business. If your roof has a crack or a hole, the leak can make its way to the attic, which can lead to moisture issues. Leaks have also been known to cause water to run into the walls of structures. The mold issues that can result can cause a family or the occupants of a building to have respiratory issues. This is why it is important to have your roof inspected after storms and on a regular schedule.

Many times, repairs may consist of fixing a damaged section or replacing missing shingles. Then again, you may need complete roof replacement due to damage or because it is simply time. No matter the reason, we work with asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and shingles, metal roofing, synthetic shakes, and we can even install roofing that is made from recycled materials for a better impact on the environment.

And if the issue you are having is your gutters, then we can fix those too. We are a St. Louis Park roofing contractor that specializes in all areas of your roofing, including the installation of seamless gutters, which are becoming more and more popular because they do not leak and they are tough.

St. Louis Park Siding Contractors

It is also ideal to have any damaged siding replaced by a qualified St. Louis Park siding contractor or, if you are looking for a different exterior appearance, you can have the entire home or business re-sided so that you can have the look you want. Siding is very important in that it protects from debris and keeps moisture out of the walls, but it also looks nice. It is even easy to maintain for when you need an option that will allow you to keep up a neat appearance.

The sidings that we offer include vinyl siding, aluminum and steel in different colors and embossed patterns, cement fiber that looks like wood, and metal sidings that are constructed of recycled metal for a more environmentally friendly option.

St. Louis Park Snow & Ice Dam Removal

And because you live in Minnesota, snow and ice dams can become an issue for your roof and for the structure as a whole. Our St. Louis Park snow & ice dam removal service will ensure you do not have to deal with significant snow packs on your roof and that ice dams are destroyed safely, carefully, and quickly to avoid melting snow from finding more harmful ways to drain off the roof. We can also fix the cause of ice dams and/or implement other preventative measures according to your budget.

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Taking care of the exterior of your home or business is very important in that it protects everything on the inside. When you can keep moisture out, you keep out mold that can cause respiratory issues and you also ensure that those components that are not to get wet don’t get wet. You are also able to protect against impact and even implement energy saving measures so you can save money in the long-term. To find out more about what we can do to help you, call us at 612-532-2036 to schedule a free estimate.