Other Services

There are a number of other services that we provide, such as soffit and Fascia repair and replacement. As Minnesota soffit and fascia contractors, we are able to take care of parts of your home that are frequently overlooked. As a matter of fact, we can take these overlooked areas and make them look fantastic, which can bring a unique look to your home. At the same time, you are taking care of very functional parts of your home.


The soffit is the underlay of your home’s exterior. When you take a look at your home, you will see it just under your roof line. It is also most frequently seen just above the roof line that hangs over decks, balconies, and patios. Even porches that are under cover are going to have a significant amount of soffit hanging over.

While some individuals may wonder what the point of soffit is, it is actually necessary in making sure you have a constant airflow under your roof. Soffit is also important for attic ventilation, which can reduce the occurrence of ice dams and helps your roof breathe in the hot summer months. A breathing roof means a more constant temperature within the home.


The fascia goes above the soffit. This is the decorative trim that runs along the entire roof line of the home. It is not uncommon for you to see the fascia in a different color than the rest of the house. Wood fascia is the perfect example of a fascia material that is found in a different color. Because fascia is a decorative element that is also a necessary part of the structure, there is some flexibility as for its appearance.

In regards to the color scheme, you can make the decision to have a two-toned look to your home by having your fascia done in a different color. If you decide you want to do this, simply let us know and we will help you determine the best materials to use in order to achieve the look that you are looking for.

Many Options

There are a number of questions that you can ask yourself in regards to what materials to use for your soffit and fascia. These questions include:

  • What colors will work best?
  • What material is the most durable and will allow for maximum ventilation?
  • What is the easiest to maintain?
  • What options are within your budget?

Ask yourself these questions and you will make the decision that is best for your particular situation.

Minneapolis Roofing Contractors

The soffit and fascia of your home is very important and, while frequently overlooked, can be a decorative element that brings a unique look to your home. If you would like to see how your soffit and fascia can change the face of your home, call us for your schedule a free estimate at 612-532-2036 or fill out the contact form on this page so that we can contact you.