St Paul Roofing Contractors

First Impression Exteriors specializes in a number of home improvement and maintenance services that help improve the overall appearance of your home or business, as well as its functionality. Your roofing is, perhaps, the most important part of your home in that it protects its interior and even the exterior from damage from the weather.Our roofing services include:

  • Hail damage repair
  • Storm damage repair
  • Residential and commercial roofing
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Ice dam and snow removal

As St. Paul roofing contractors that offer multiple roofing services, we are able to perform multiple repairs to a home or business in one service call. We are also able to form relationship with our customers in this way.

St. Paul Siding Company

In addition to roofing, siding is very important in that it protects the exterior walls of your home from water and impact from hail and debris. It also has a certain degree of aesthetic appeal, giving your home the look that you want it to have.

There are different siding choices our St. Paul siding service provides you with and they include vinyl, aluminum and steel, cement fiber, and environmentally friendly siding. Vinyl is the most common type of siding that is used, as it is also the most affordable. It comes in different colors and can withstand significant impact. Aluminum and steel allow for embossed patterns and comes in different colors due to high performance coating. For the more humid environments, cement fiber works well and it can be cost-effective in that it lasts for a long time. As for environmentally friendly siding, it utilizes recycled elements rather than using raw materials. All of these give homeowners and business owners options.

St. Paul Snow & Ice Dam Removal

In the winter, the snow can be quite heavy and ice dam formation is quite common in these conditions. An ice dam forms when water is unable to exit the roof properly. Any water that does runoff, freezes at the edge of the roof and causes a dam that traps other running water behind it, resulting in more ice. This keeps building and building until there is so much ice and snow trapped behind the dam that it weighs down on the roof. Water that cannot make its way to the gutter will also do what it can to find another way out and any cracks in the roof will be the point of exit.

As a reputable St. Paul snow and ice dam removal company, we can remove ice dams and heavy snow from your roof. We can also find and fix the reason why the ice dam formed in the first place so that it does not happen to you again.

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If your home or business needs roofing, siding, or snow and ice dam removal services, First Impression Exteriors Inc. can do it all for you so that you don’t have to call multiple contractors and spend more money than you have to. Call us today at 612-532-2036 and schedule a free estimate or you can fill out our contact form and we will call you back.