Oakdale Roofing Contractors

Your roofing is very important, so it is imperative to not neglect it. Neglect can lead to further deterioration of any damaged areas and lead to premature replacement. In order to make sure your roof stays in great shape, you can opt for the services of an experienced and established Oakdale roofing contractor.

When hiring First Impressions Exteriors, you can have your roof evaluated, repaired, or replaced for the best possible price. In determining this price, there are a number of roofing types you can choose from. You can choose traditional asphalt, metal, cedar shakes and shingles, synthetic shakes, and environmentally friendly options that are made from recycled materials that are very durable. You can choose what fits your preferences, the look you want your roof to have, and your budget. If you are not sure what you want, we make it easy for you.

Oakdale Siding Contractors

You can also use siding as a way to relay a certain look to your home or business. With so many types available in different colors, you can easily coordinate with other elements of your exterior. We specialize in vinyl siding, aluminum and steel that now comes in different colors and with embossed patterns, cement fiber for a wood look without wood’s vulnerabilities, and green options made from recycled materials.

All of the sidings that we specialize in provide a great deal of protection for the structure’s exterior walls. Water is able to run off so that it does not infiltrate the walls. Debris is also effectively deflective. Siding usually does not become damaged unless it is hit very hard and it is easy to maintain.

Oakdale Snow & Ice Dam Removal

As an Oakdale snow & ice dam removal service, we are able to remove large amounts of snow from your roof quickly and safely. Many times, individuals will try to remove snow on their own. This is very dangerous and shovels can damage roofing. We use tools designed for snow removal and we know how to do it in a safe way. Snow removal means reducing the odds of roof collapse or damage. The same applies to ice dam removal: we are able to do so quickly and safely. We can also find out why the ice dam formed, fix that problem, and also use heat tapes as a preventative measure so that you do not have to continually worry about ice dams in the winter.

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The exterior of your home or business is what gives off an idea of what the interior may be like. For a business, this is very important. You don’t want any part of your exterior to be damaged or to look “rough.” That is why First Impressions Exteriors wants to help you. We want you to have the exterior you want, whether it is simply making repairs or installing new windows. To find out more about how we can help you, call us at 612-532-2036 to schedule your schedule a free estimate.