Blaine Roofing Contractors

One of the first components of a residential or commercial property to become damaged is the roof. This is because the roof has to undergo a great deal of abuse to protect the home. It deals with rain, snow, sleet, hail, and flying debris. The sun shines on it, it deals with wind, and it also endures a great deal of cold. Over time, it wears and this means it needs to be cared for.

Having highly experienced Blaine roofing contractors inspect your roof for damage can save you from prematurely replacing your roof. When you do need your roof replaced, we have a variety of roofing materials for you to choose from that include asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, other synthetic shakes, and environmentally friendly options. What you choose depends upon your budget and your taste.

Blaine Siding Contractors

In addition to the protection that is offered by your roof, siding also provides a great deal of protection in the way of impact resistance to a certain velocity and durability that makes it difficult to break. Vinyl is the most common and affordable with different color options. Aluminum and steel also has a number of color options and even embossed designs. Cement fiber looks like real wood without the weakness that wood would provide as a siding. For those individuals into making sure the materials used are environmentally friendly, we are Blaine siding contractors always looking for ways to help the environment. We work with a number of metal sidings that utilize recycled materials.

Blaine Snow & Ice Dam Removal

To protect your home or business even more, we are also a Blaine snow & ice dam removal service so that you can rid your roof of snow and ice dams before they cause damage that could ultimately result in premature roof replacement. Our snow removal procedures ensure that your roofing is not damaged during the process, just as our ice dam removal ensures safe removal and measures can be put in place to avoid them in the future so that you do not have to pay for removal multiple times throughout the winter. The idea is to make sure your home or business is sound on the outside so it is on the inside.

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If you are ready for a new roof, new siding, need snow and/or ice dam removal, or repairs to your home or business’s exterior, First Impressions Exteriors, Inc. can help make this happen for you and affordably. Due to the ability to offer customers with so many options that can fit virtually any taste and are budget friendly, we have helped many customers achieve the exterior look they want. To find out more, call us at 612-532-2036 to schedule your schedule a free estimate or fill out the contact form on this page and someone from our office will contact you.