Edina Roofing Contractors

Having a sound roof means having a structure that is sound and that is something that is going to save you a lot of money. If something happens to your roof, then you run the risk of further damage being done to the structure. For instance, a leak can cause water to go into the attic, which can cause mold issues. The wood that is consistently getting wet can become soft and water can even be routed into the walls of the structure. This causes the walls to become weak and this takes years off of the life of the home.

So when there has been a storm, you suspect damage, or you find that it is time for the roof to be replaced, we are an Edina roofing contractor that does high quality work with only the best materials that include:

  • Asphalt – This is the most common and affordable type of roofing material with a lifespan of 30 years. There are now thicker shingles available that can last up to 50 years for an additional and more economical cost.
  • Cedar shakes and shingles – Cedar shakes are popular because of their expensive appearance. They do cost more than asphalt, but they are strong and can last many years.
  • Shakes – Shakes now come in different materials, such as steel and other synthetics.
  • Environmentally friendly – If you want to be “green,” then you can look at the vinyl, fiberglass, sawdust, and polymer options that are available.
  • Metal – Homes and businesses both benefit from metal in that it is durable, affordable, and available in different colors.

Edina Siding Contractors

Just like your roofing is important, siding is important too. If the structure is not a brick one, siding is the more affordable alternative and we are an Edina siding contractor that offers different varieties in many colors so that you can achieve the look that you want. We offer traditional vinyl, aluminum and steel that no longer has to come in a boring gray color, cement fiber that looks like wood without the weaknesses of wood, and green options that include metal sidings utilizing recycled metal. We will show you all of these options and price ranges so you can choose which is right for you.

Edina Snow & Ice Dam Removal

During the winter, your roof is at risk if ice dams form and if snow is so heavy that it could potentially collapse or crack your roof. Our Edina snow & ice dam removal service is carried out in a very careful way so that the roof is not damaged. When snow needs to be removed, we do so the correct way so that your roof is safe and so there is no danger for anyone below. Allowing us to remove snow also keeps you safe because you don’t have to do it. We also remove ice dams to avoid water backing up onto your roof and finding an alternate route of escape, which can cause damage. Once removed, we can put preventative measures in place to ensure ice dams do not form in the future.

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When needing work performed on your roof due to damage, the prevention of damage, or it is time to replace, First Impressions Exteriors can help you. We can also help you with siding, gutters, snow and ice dam removal, and much more. We are there to help you make your home’s exterior everything you want it to be. Call us at 612-532-2036 to schedule your schedule a free estimate or fill out our contact form and someone from our office will call you back.