Inver Grove Heights Roofing Contractors

Roofing is a vital part of any structure, as it ensures the integrity of the structure and it protects the interior by giving water a way to drain off. The gutter system is also a part of your roofing, as it is what directs water to the downspouts that route water away from the foundation so that water does not pool there and cause basement leakage.When anything is wrong with your roof, you are building a new structure, or your old roof has lived its life and it needs replaced, a quality Inver Grove heights roofing contractor is going to make a world of difference In how well the job is done and the quality of the materials used. As for our roofing materials, we use asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and shingles for a more expensive appearance, synthetic shakes, and environmentally friendly options that use recycled sawdust, fiberglass, polymers, and vinyl. Metal roofing is available for both residential and commercial properties. It is affordable, durable, and available in multiple colors.

Inver Grove Heights Siding Contractors

In addition to using only the best roofing materials, we also have the finest sidings and, of course, those sidings can be installed by our very experienced Inver Grove Heights siding company. We ensure that every piece is placed correctly so that the weather has a force to be reckoned with. Siding protects external walls from hail and debris during storms and also ensures water runs off so that it does not infiltrate the walls.

We offer you:

  • Traditional vinyl siding, which comes in different colors, is very affordable and durable. This is why it is the most common siding that is used.
  • Aluminum and steel may be a little more expensive, but it gives a very unique look. Now, there are different colors available, as well as embossed surface patterns.
  • Cement fiber looks like wood, but it doesn’t behave like wood because it is much stronger. It also has a long life span with an ability to handle high humidity.
  • There are also green options with the most common being metal siding using recycled metal in its construction.

Inver Grove Heights Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Snow and ice dam removal is very important because removing these harmful elements can be beneficial to your roof. Snow can be so heavy that it can cause roof cracks or collapse and a roof collapse can do a great deal of damage to the entire structure. Ice dams are like walls of ice that form on the edge of a roof from premature snow melt due to warm spots on the roof. Warm spots result from poor ventilation. We can fix the ventilation issue and also implement preventative measures to prevent the future development of ice dams. When you use our Inver Grove Heights snow & ice dam removal service, you know that the snow and ice is being removed in the safest way possible so that your roof is not damaged.

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Don’t let the exterior of your home or business be forgotten. It can be easy to forget about when focusing on the interior, but it is your roof, the siding, the gutters, and everything on the outside that protects the inside. The exterior is also what gives that first impression to individuals approaching your home or business. To have the look that you desire and the utmost functionality, call First Impression Exteriors today at 612-532-2036 to schedule your schedule a free estimate.