Minneapolis & St. Paul Asphalt Shingles

Many years ago, there were three types of roofing materials that were used on roofs. They were wood shakes clay, and slate. These materials looked great and they were durable. Over time, roofing material manufacturers decided to develop materials that were less expensive for those on tighter budgets. This resulted in the asphalt shingle, which exploded in popularity.

At first, these shingles detracted from the character and the look of the home and it was because there were so few varieties available. In recent years, the manufacturers have improved the look and the performance of these shingles. This is why Minnesota roofing contractors install asphalt shingles on so many roofs throughout the state.

Helping You Select The Right Shingle

Many asphalt shingles manufacturers have taken great measures to improve the appearance of shingles, while also making them more durable. One goal has been to increase the lifespan of the product. Stronger, natural-looking roofing materials have made asphalt roofing the affordable choice. When looking for shingles for your roofing project, you can now match an asphalt shingle to the home’s original look without having to break up your bank account.

When choosing a shingle style, think of your home’s style. If the home originally had hard wood shingles, a brown asphalt shingle could possibly work best. If you are replacing a slate roof, there are now asphalt shingles that can look like slate so that the style of the home is not detracted from. While tile can be harder to duplicate, there are many manufacturers that make light brown and clay colored asphalt shingles that can be a suitable replacement.

Many Color Options

Obviously, the asphalt single market is not like it was years ago due to there being so many other colors available and the increase in durability. The roofing materials are no longer monotone and they do not tear at the slightest bit of impact. Your Minneapolis roofing contractor can also layer the shingles to give them a more dimensional look like tiles have. There are ways to install the shingles that give them a unique look. You can ask your roofer to show you shingle samples so that you can choose the right color and durability for your home or business.

Furthermore, roof repairs are not as expensive with asphalt shingles since individual shingles can be replaced after a weather event. Sometimes bad weather results in a lot of shingles having to be replaced or the entire roof needing work or replacement. Fortunately, insurance companies tend to cover damage caused by hail, wind, and other natural weather events that can cause damage to the roof.

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