Mounds View Roofing Contractors

In Mounds View, it is common for storms to cause damage to roofing. If the damage is not caused by a storm, then it is because of debris or the fact the roof has lived a full life. It is rather amazing the abuses that a roof goes through during its lifetime, but there are times that it can “give in.”

To see if your roof has sustained any type of damage or needs replacement, it is best for you to not climb on your roof yourself due to safety reasons. We are a mounds View roofing contractor who will come to your home or business and evaluate your roof for damage. If there is none, then we will let you know and we can establish an inspection/maintenance schedule. If there is, we will give you a quote so that you can decide what to do that is within your budget. If you need roof replacement, you can choose from the different roofing types we offer, which includes asphalt, metal, cedar, synthetic shakes, and shingles made from recycled materials.

We can also repair and replace your gutters, clean them, and install leaf guards. If gutter replacement is what you want, then we can install seamless gutters, which are becoming more and more popular because of the elimination of leaks.

Mounds View Siding Contractor

Siding is a very important component of your exterior due to the fact that it protects it and it also makes it look nice. Siding is also easy to clean, maintain, and replace if it is damaged in sections. Whether you need some siding replaced or you need the entire home or business covered in a new siding, we are a highly experienced Mounds View siding contractor that will do the job right and quickly. We can install vinyl, aluminum or steel, cement fiber, or metal siding made of recycled metal. We will review your options with you, along with the different price ranges, so that you can choose the siding that is best for you.

Mounds View Snow & Ice Dam Removal

In addition to our roofing and siding services, we are also a Mounds View snow & ice dam removal service. We recognize the importance of preventing damage to your roof through the removal of snow and ice dams. So when there is a significant snowfall, all you have to do is give us a call so that we can remove the large amount of snow from your roof. When it comes to ice dams, we will remove them and review preventative measures with you so that you can prevent the future formation of ice dams.

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The roof, exterior walls, windows, gutters, and everything about your home or business’s exterior is very important. If any area is damaged, then more damage can result over time. Fortunately, First Impressions Exteriors offers a wide range of options for you that are affordable so that you have flexibility in your choices. We also make sure the job is done right so that you are 100% satisfied. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 612-532-2036 to schedule your schedule a free estimate.