Bloomington Roofing Contractors

It is important to not let your roofing fall into disrepair and to make sure it is inspected after a weather event that could cause damage. By working with a qualified Bloomington roofing contractor that can identify issues, repair them, or even replace your roof, you are making sure your home is protected.

Any time a shingle is missing from a roof, the roof can leak. If the roof leaks, then there can be an issue with mold developing in the home, as well as water damage. When you need roofing repaired or replaced, we work with the following roofing types:

  • Traditional asphalt shingles are affordable, come in a number of colors, and they are durable.
  • Cedar shakes are rough in their texture, are strong, and they have a great deal of aesthetic appeal. Part of this appeal has to do with their very expensive appearance and they do cost more than asphalt.
  • Steel and other synthetic shakes are now available.
  • Environmentally friendly options that include polymers, sawdust, vinyl, and fiberglass.

What you choose is up to your taste and your budget.

Bloomington Siding Contractors

Siding is very popular in that it is fantastic at protecting the outside of a home while also looking great. The different colors available make it easy for siding to coordinate with roofing materials and the overall design of the home. We carry traditional vinyl siding, steel and aluminum of different colors and embossed designs, cement fiber that gives that authentic wood look, and metal sidings containing recycled metal.

When you need siding replaced, we present you with a number of options so that you can choose which is best for you. With the options that are available through our Bloomington siding service, you can easily find a look that adheres to your budget.

Bloomington Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Many homeowners and business owners in Bloomington have a need for snow and ice dam removal. This is an important service that we have made available because of the roof repairs that it can help avoid. Through our Bloomington snow & ice dam removal services, you can count on snow and ice dams being removed safely so that your roof does not become damaged. If it is damaged before removal, then repairs can be made that will ensure the integrity of the roof during the harsh winter weather.

In regards to ice dams, they can be difficult for a roof to endure when water keeps backing up behind them and refreezing. We can improve ventilation and rectify the issues leading to ice dams so that you do not have to have them removed repeatedly.

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Whether you know or suspect that there is damage or you wish to change the appearance of your home or commercial property, you have access to a highly professional, experienced, and quality roofing contractor who is able to take care of siding, snow & ice dam removal and more. To learn more about what we can do for you and the options available, call us at 612-532-2036 or fill out the online form so someone can call you back, and schedule your schedule a free estimate.