Minneapolis Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is very popular in Minneapolis and throughout the United States. It is widely loved because it never needs painting and it is easy to maintain. Then there are those that loathe vinyl siding because they believe that real wood should be the only thing that covers a home.

The fortunate thing about there being so many different types of materials to face a house with is the fact that people have choices and vinyl siding just happens to be a very popular one.

As a building material, vinyl siding is among the newest. It was introduced in the late 1950s as an aluminum siding substitute. However, it cracked, buckled, faded, and sagged and that tarnished its reputation.

Over time, changes were made in the chemistry of the product and the installation techniques improved as well. This allowed the performance of vinyl siding to improve and more builders and homeowners started to accept it. Now vinyl siding has 32 percent of the siding market for new homes in the U.S. and there is no end in sight. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is cheaper than some other types of siding. However, price is not an issue for some individuals. The issue is the fact they do not have to maintain vinyl siding as much. If part of it is damaged, then a Minneapolis siding contractor can easily do the repair at a reasonable cost.

Helping You Choose The Right Siding

Not all vinyl sidings are the same, as vinyl is a polymer that is formed during a chemical process. There are low-, high-, and mid-grade sidings to choose from and they are available in different colors. Some have different patterns and crisper edges than others. Your Minnesota siding contractor can evaluate with you the different types that are available so that you can make an informed decision regarding which is best for your home and your tastes.

You will also learn about certain properties of vinyl, such as the fact it has a tendency to move and that means panels cannot be butted tight to trim. However, vinyl that is nailed too loosely will rattle when the wind blows. However, wood is more likely to trap moisture than vinyl and that is another reason why people choose it.

The Truth About Maintenance

While vinyl siding is low maintenance, it is not necessarily maintenance free. To keep siding looking its best, it is ideal to wash it periodically so that mold, mildew, and dirt can be removed. Vinyl siding is rather easy to clean with a bucket of a vinegar cleaning solution and a brush. Unless being professionally done with the right equipment, vinyl siding should not be pressure washed because it can push water behind the panels.

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