Insurance Claims

When your roof, windows, siding, or other areas of your home sustain damage that is due to wind, hail, or another weather phenomenon, you will most likely want to file a claim with your insurance so that you can have the repairs paid for.

You pay your premium so that you are covered when damage is done to your home that is beyond your control. However, the process may or may not be a simple one.


Homes in Minnesota are certainly not strangers to hail storms that result in damage that can compromise the overall integrity of the roof. This is why hail damage claims are amongst the most common insurance claims in the state. This means you could be at a disadvantage because the insurance company is going to try to settle at the lowest possible amount. As a matter of fact, they do have their procedures that they follow to minimize the settlement that they have to pay.

Even if the damage is obvious to the insurance adjuster, he or she may determine that the damage is very small. Once they make up their mind, it is difficult to change their mind. This is why when you’re ready to report the damage to the insurance company, it is good for you to include such details as the size of the hail, the direction the storm was moving, and any other related details.


When filing your insurance claim, you will need to do the following:

Locate your insurance policy so that you can review it to see what it says about storm damage, such as wind and hail damage.
Your policy should have a telephone number for the claim hotline. You will need to have the date and time of the storm and any other information you can remember about what occurred. You will also need to tell the representative where the damage is on your home.
Go ahead and take your own photographs of the damage. Have the photos printed and be sure to have two sets of prints because the insurance adjuster may want a set.
If the damage done to the home could result in water intrusion if more storms were to occur, do temporary repairs after you have taken your photographs. This may mean temporarily repairing a hole in the roof to avoid water damage.
You will need to clean up as well. Make sure you keep receipts for the temporary repairs and for anything you have to pay for in the cleanup process.
Call us to obtain a written inspection. We will stand by you during the claims because we have the experience due to being through the process many times. We have resources and knowledge that you need when you’ve filed an insurance claim. We can then take care of your repairs once your claim is approved.


If your home or business has seen damage due to a storm and you need to file an insurance claim, we can help you. We can give you advice and provide you with the inspection that you need to help in your claim. To get started, call us for your free estimate at 612-532-2036.