Why Every Condo Owner’s Association Needs a Reliable Roofing Service

Owning your own condo is often one of the most enjoyable ways to live in an area with a high real estate demand. Rather than pushing your lifestyle out into the suburbs or over-spending on some squished townhouse, you can have all the space you need and the convenience of shared grounds and building features as well. Many people enjoy having access to the condo association’s pool, spa, exercise room, and landscaped grounds, but these aren’t the only assets you share with your fellow condo owners.

Sharing Luxuries and Expenses

While access to the shared areas is great, the most distinct thing about condo ownership is your participation in the owner’s association including splitting the check for building and facility repairs.┬áBecause all condo owners share a roof and the responsibilities of ownership, of the biggest expenses any condo-owner should worry about is roof damage. If it’s extensive enough, this could result in thousands of dollars in repairs or possibly even complete re-installation and every owner is on the hook for their share.

Where Roof Damage Comes From

The shingles of your roof are made out of very sturdy materials and are layered in such a way as to keep the weather off the condo building and re-direct water and debris into the gutters and away from the structure. Unfortunately, intense weather and long periods of time have a way of wearing down a roof. Hail and debris can crack shingles in half or leave scrapes and damaging pock-marks. High winds can bend shingles or peel them clean off and once there’s even a tiny crack, rain and melting snow can start seeping in, putting everyone’s condos at risk of water damage. Naturally, you want to get your roof repaired quickly after damage and maintained often to protect your shared investments.

The Value of a Reliable Roofing Service

You could easily need roof repairs and maintenance more than once a year, but calling around for quotes every time means that you, the association, and all the owners have no idea how much repairs will cost at any given time. Instead, you’re better off finding the most reasonably priced and reliable service in town and keeping them as your on-call roofing repair professionals. This will allow you to have a predictable payment amount which can, for the most part, be planned into yearly costs and included in dues instead of levied every time a roof repair is needed. Your roofing service can also get to know your building, becoming able┬áto work more quickly and efficiently as well as offer helpful advice on when to get maintenance and what weather conditions to watch out for most based on the structure of your roof.

Regular Maintenance is the Best Solution

The best way for a condo association to protect the interest of all the owner-members is to get regular exterior maintenance which will ensure that no storm, debris, or wear and tear can cause lasting damage. With inspections at least twice a year, the first sign of a crack or compromise in the sealing structure of the roof can be repaired right away.

Here at First Impression Exteriors, we know how important the shared exterior of your condo building is to each and every unit owner and we do a lot more than roofing. If your condo building is in or near Minneapolis, we’d be more than happy to provide you with reliable services in not just roofing repairs but also siding maintenance, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and a number of other services. If you’d like more information about roof repair services for your condo or to have a consultation without exterior maintenance experts, contact us today!