How To Choose Soffit & Fascia

When you put siding on your home to protect it against the elements, it involves more than just the walls. The eaves of the roof extend past those walls and they need to be covered. The soffit is the section below the eaves that runs from the edge of the roof to the wall of the house. The fascia is what is visible along the roof’s edge, covering the soffit. There are a number of types and styles that you can choose from or you can create your own combination for a very unique look. Your Minneapolis roofing contractor will help you find what fits for you. Here are some tips to give you a head start:

  • Match the siding – This is the easiest way to choose soffit and fascia. It is sometimes recommended to use soffit and fascia that the manufacturer who created the siding recommends. That way the material matches and there is continuity of the siding. Some manufacturers have different styles to choose from, as well as soffits that run width-wise or lengthwise based upon the home’s dimensions.
  • Consider square footage – There is a certain square footage required for soffits and fascias. Most have a channel wrap that goes along the outside corner where they meet the edge of the roof, as well as the inside corner where the eaves meet. You can have your St. Paul roofing contractor measure the linear feet so that there is an exact figure on how much is needed. This is also a good opportunity to check for corner caps that helps the installation flow at the soffit’s outside corners.
  • Get creative – You don’t have to conform to the manufacturer’s recommendation. There are some custom choices available so you can make your home or business look unique. Wood, sheet metal, and the painting of fascia board with unique patterns are possibilities. Wood or another material can also be cut down to certain patterns and shapes in order to achieve a very specific look.
  • Materials – You should consider your materials. Vinyl siding is easy to install and doesn’t fade over time. It is durable, but may not be as durable as metal. The only issue with metal is that it can rust. Some people like the old-fashioned and worn look and others don’t. Wood is another excellent option, but it has to be sealed so that there is no leakage. Wood does eventually lose its color regardless of how many coatings are applied to it over time. Wood tends to be the material that needs the most maintenance because it will need to be re-stained and finished several times over its lifetime.

Take these tips into consideration when talking to your Minneapolis roofing company and you will be able to find the soffit and fascia that works for you.

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