Plymouth Roofing Contractors

It is ideal to take good care of your roofing, as it is the first line of defense against the weather. It protects the interior from the weather. Unfortunately, the weather can damage the roof and it is important to have that damage repaired as soon as possible to avoid any leaks from causing mold… Read more »

Oakdale Roofing Contractors

Your roofing is very important, so it is imperative to not neglect it. Neglect can lead to further deterioration of any damaged areas and lead to premature replacement. In order to make sure your roof stays in great shape, you can opt for the services of an experienced and established Oakdale roofing contractor. When hiring… Read more »

New Hope Roofing Contractors

Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling? Looked up one day and saw a shingle missing? Did you just realize that it is time for your roof to be replaced? Then again, your gutters may be old and need replaced. Whatever the need, First Impressions Exteriors is an experienced New Hope roofing contractor that… Read more »

Mounds View Roofing Contractors

In Mounds View, it is common for storms to cause damage to roofing. If the damage is not caused by a storm, then it is because of debris or the fact the roof has lived a full life. It is rather amazing the abuses that a roof goes through during its lifetime, but there are… Read more »

Minnetonka Roofing Contractors

The roof to your home or business is vulnerable, but it is also tough. Its vulnerability stems from the fact that it is exposed all of the time to heat, rain, snow, wind, hail, the sun, and debris. It goes through a lot, so it says a lot when a set of asphalt shingles can… Read more »

Minneapolis Roofing Contractors

When driving around Minneapolis, you may notice that there are a lot of roofing types that are used. You’ll notice traditional asphalt, metal, and a variety of others. At First Impressions Exteriors, we are an experienced Minneapolis roofing contractor that offers these common roofing materials and a number of others that include cedar shakes and… Read more »

Mendota Heights Roofing Contractors

To ensure your home or business is in great shape, it is good to start with the roof. This is because the roof is what protects against weather, keeps water leakage out, and it also helps control the temperature of the interior. If it is compromised any way by a storm or simple wear and… Read more »

Maplewood Roofing Contractors

The roof on your home or business goes through a lot of abuse. It is pelted by hail, rained on, the wind tries its best to damage it, and flying debris deflects off of it. Beneath it is an attic or an attic-like space that must be properly ventilated so that heating and cooling can… Read more »

Maple Grove Roofing Contractors

First Impressions Exteriors is a highly experienced Maple Grove roofing contractor dedicated to ensuring that clients are satisfied. We do this by performing high quality work with only the best materials on the market. When we do a job, we want to make sure it is going to last for a long time. To ensure… Read more »

Mahtomedi Roofing Contractors

When in need of a quality Mahtomedi roofing contractor, First Impressions Exteriors is there to assess, quote, and get the job done right and within a timely manner. We work clean, efficiently, and we use only the best materials when working on your roof, gutters, or other element of your home or business’s exterior. When… Read more »