Minneapolis & St. Paul Aluminum & Steel Siding Installation

There are many reasons why aluminum and steel siding has become so popular. It is durable and tough, while it still remains flexible and light weight. It is impenetrable, yet it also requires very little maintenance. This results in a material that is effective as a surfacing material for a house or other structure. Usually… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Fiber cement siding is a common siding material that is used on commercial buildings and homes. It is different from vinyl siding in that it is made of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. Fiber cement siding can give the structure a very unique look. Usually when you see a home or business with horizontal or… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Shakes Installation

A shake is a type of wooden shingle. In fact, it is referred to as a “basic wooden shingle” because it is made from split logs. Shakes have been traditionally used as a roofing material around the world for many years. The reason is because when properly installed by a Twin Cities roofing contractor, the… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters have become a preferred gutter type for homeowners because this type has fewer disadvantages than some of the others on the market. There are also some great features that other gutter types may not have. Of course, it does all come down to the buyer’s preferences and what will work best on the… Read more »

Energy Efficient Windows

Minneapolis & St. Paul Window Installers The windows of today are the end results of better science, better materials, and new manufacturing processes that make window units perform very well. Those building new structures or wanting to replace the inefficient windows that have been costing them a great deal on their heating and cooling bills… Read more »

Fiber Cement Siding

Real wood can be expensive and it can require a great deal of maintenance, which is why many homeowners choose fiber cement siding over wood. They want the look without the cost and the time it takes to care for it. It is also one of the most durable siding products available. The exact composition… Read more »

Minnesota Roofing Guide

When trying to decide which roofing material will work best for your home, it is best to get down to business and look at the most common options available today. Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, the roof is going to be one of the most important decisions that you… Read more »

Minnesota Siding Guide

A home’s siding has to look great and also perform well so that it can protect the home for many years. If you are shopping for a material that will best suit you and your home, it is good to know what is available to you. When choosing siding, it is important to consider Minnesota’s… Read more »

Siding Maintenance

Twin Cities Siding Contractors One of the perks of vinyl siding is that it is easy to maintain. It simply needs cleaning when it gets dirty and damaged pieces can be replaced rather than large sections needing replaced. While it takes a lot for siding to become damaged, having a Twin Cities siding company take… Read more »

How To Choose Soffit & Fascia

When you put siding on your home to protect it against the elements, it involves more than just the walls. The eaves of the roof extend past those walls and they need to be covered. The soffit is the section below the eaves that runs from the edge of the roof to the wall of… Read more »