One Roofing Service for Every Building on Your Property

When most people think about property, they generally imagine one building per piece of land. One home on a lot, one office building or shop per landscaped business property. However, despite this common misconception, a surprising number of both residential and commercial properties include more than one building, sometimes even more than five or six. Many people who have larger properties, often in rural communities, have entire estates often with several outbuildings and maybe even additional homes. Businesses are known for their complexes from apartments to office parks, and even some suburban home owners built an insulated shed or tiny backyard in-law house. The one thing that’s true about all these kinds of multi-building property is that all your buildings need roof maintenance.

Don’t Put Off Your Auxiliary Roof Repairs

For most multi-building properties, there’s usually one or two main buildings and a handful of outbuildings and auxiliary structures that are somewhat less prioritized. It’s not at all unusual for homeowners, for instance, to take good care of the main house roof but completely forget to worry about their large sheds or the clubhouse / in-law house outside if you have one and the same goes for rural property owners who forget to upkeep the roof on barns and outbuildings. The real question is: if you’ve already got roofing repair professionals on your property, why not ask them to service all of your rooftops at once in order to take good care of every part of your property.

Don’t Get Caught by Bad Roofing Policies

Sometimes home and business owners do have the right idea and remember to try and keep up the auxiliary rooftops on their property only to discover that their chosen roofing company doesn’t have a service that includes more than one building at a time. If this is the case, they may ask you to make a separate work order and possibly even a separate appointment to repair each roof. This isn’t just inconvenient, it effectively multiplies your service charges to match the number of roofs you need maintained rather than achieving a quick and efficient multi-building roof service in one or possibly two visits depending on exactly how much roof area you need to be serviced.

Why to Get All Your Roofs Repaired Together

The main building of any property, estate, or corporate complex gets the most attention. To a certain extent, simply occupying the building on a regular basis creates a motivation to take care of it. If a leak began, it would be spotted and repairs would be arranged almost immediately but this may not be true in your auxiliary structures and outbuildings. If they’re not currently or actively occupied, roof damage could result in a leak which, in turn, could create major water damage in the time between your visits and the last thing you want when heading out to check on, say, the guest house is to discover that the roof has been leaking and the place stinks of mold. Therefore it only makes sense to get all your roofing needs taken care of on a regular basis along with the same maintenance schedule as the main building.

Here at First Impression Exteriors, we delight in meeting the challenge of multi-building properties whether they’re residential or business. Apartment and coroporate complexes, sprawling rural estates, and even your experimental collection of hand-built sheds can all be handled on the same service trips with one work order. In fact, we’ll take care of all your exterior maintenance needs from the roof to the siding. This way, we can assure you that every building on your property is equally protected from storm damage, leaks, and creeping decay. For more information about convenient roof and exterior maintenance for your multi-building property, contact us today!