Guidelines for Choosing the Best Minneapolis Roofing Contractor

One of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever have to make as a homeowner is your roof. That’s why it’s extremely important that you hire the best roofing contractor for the job. When a roof isn’t repaired or installed properly, it can mean having to pay a considerable amount of money for roofing repairs. What’s more, you could have leaks, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money, which can also be time-consuming. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing the best Minneapolis roofing contractor.

Use a Local Contractor

Rather than choosing a company that’s not in your area, it’s best to use a local business. This is particularly crucial when hiring a contractor following a severe storm. Consider that a local contractor will know how to secure the correct permits for your area and will be more aware of any codes, regarding roofing installation and procedures.

Ask About Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

A roofing firm needs to carry adequate workmen’s compensation as well as liability insurance for protecting homeowners in case there are accidents when installing or repairing roofs. Because your homeowner’s insurance policy probably doesn’t cover you when there are roof installation accidents, you can be the one who is stuck with the cost.

Ask About Licenses

Find out if any contractor you’re considering is licensed by your state. Keep in mind that there are also some counties and municipalities that require that a roofing company is licensed. Furthermore, be sure that a contractor’s roofing license doesn’t have any violations that have not been satisfied and that the license is current.

Ask About Subcontractors

You’ll need to know if any portion of the roofing job will be done by a subcontractor. If one or more subcontractors are involved, it’s essential that you ask them the same questions that you’ve asked the contractor. One of the most critical questions is asking if a subcontractor is insured.

Ask About Vendors and Roofing Suppliers

When interviewing roofing contractors, ask about their relationships with the various roofing suppliers and vendors with whom they’ve conducted business. This includes asking about the length of time that the contractors have used these suppliers and vendors.

Inquire About Warranties

Don’t forget to ask about how long a roofing business guarantees its work. Most roof warranties are good for a year, even though there are some companies that offer longer ones.

Typically, roofing materials are covered by the manufacturer, while the work on the roof is covered by the roofer. In other words, you have to consider two separate warranties. Therefore, ask details about what each one covers, along with the length of each warranty.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Be sure to ask a contractor for a company’s complete street address and business name. If a contractor gives you just a PO (post office) box, ask for the physical location. If the business doesn’t have one, be leery and don’t use this company.
  • Don’t hire any roofing contractor that doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect when you’re talking with him or her on the phone on in person. Be sure that all calls are returned promptly and that a contractor leaves you with a cell phone number that you can easily contact when needed.
  • Don’t select a roofing company just because it offers the cheapest bid. Although sometimes the lowest bidder can be the best contractor, this is rare. In most cases, you get what you pay for as low bids can mean not using quality materials.
  • Ask for several references from other homeowners in your area and check out the quality of work that’s been done on their roofs.

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